Sinterklaas feast and Black Pete: a foreigner’s perspective

LEEUWARDEN – Sinterklaasavond, internationally known as Saint Nicholas’ Eve, is a feast, celebrated on the 5th of December, that brings a warm atmosphere during the winter season. This feast is celebrated mostly in the Netherlands and Belgium and consists in a folkloric character, Saint Nicholas, who brings gifts to the children. In preparation, children put their shoes in front of the chimneys a night before and sing Sinterklaas songs. Moreover, they leave carrots and hay, in or outside the boots, for Sinterklaas’ horse. More

To hemp or not to hemp?

Floris Siekman (at the right side of the photo) in front of The Hemp House

LEEUWARDEN – Ladies and Gentlemen, hemp. What do we actually know about hemp? Apart from the obvious answer – it being used as a recreational substance – there is a lot more to this crop, than one might think. That is why a group of enthusiasts decided to work together and spread the appropriate message. More

Frisian Congress: improving Friesland

frisian-congressLEEUWARDEN – Frisian countryside is the most beautiful part of the Netherlands, with wonderful sceneries where archaic architecture meets modern influences. However, Frisian countryside is not only about beautiful architecture and splendid nature, but mostly about people. Many may ask how people can define a place. Well, for Friesland this is possible, as people are the ones who make this place unique. More

Leip! Festival brings people together

LEEUWARDEN – Leip! Festival is the number 1 attraction in Leeuwarden every September. The festival is aimed at welcoming new students to the city and offers various activities for more than a week, all throughout Leeuwarden. With various concerts, club offers, food trucks, games, activities and a cinema, Leip! attracts more and more people every year. More