Remedios Torrico Alcudia from Spain – YourPost’s DNA

¡Hola! My name is Remedios Torrico Alcudia, I left Spain a couple of months ago to become an international student in Leeuwarden for a semester. Back in Spain I study journalism and being part of YourPost has not only been an honour but also a great opportunity to become better in a field that I’m really passionate about.

I used to ignore the importance of local journalism and local identity, and this time has showed me how wrong I was.

When given the opportunity to come to Holland I didn’t even hesitate. For years I listened to my aunt’s stories of how much she loved Holland and how great life was here once she migrated here looking for a better life. 5 years ago she passed away and I knew I had to get to know what mattered so much for her; somehow Holland has always been a huge part of my life.

I came here hoping to understand her and was not disappointed, I’ve already fallen in love with the country, with its people and especially with Leeuwarden. This place has the power of making you feel at home even when you’re thousands of kilometres away.