about YourPost

The international team (made up of Dutch, Frisian, Romanian, Scottish, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish members) enjoying the hospitality and friendly atmosphere at the home of chief editors, Aukje en Piet.

What is YourPost?
YourPost is a bottom-up content agency. Broadly speaking, we form an editorial staff of people who are interested in participating in the creation of stories about Leeuwarden- Fryslân.  Volunteers and students of all ages and backgrounds join YourPost, to create interesting content about the province of Fryslân. This will be presented in the form of articles, videos, photos and various other types of content . The composition of the editorial staff at YourPost  is diverse, but we all work towards the same goal. We want to encourage citizens to create content and become a powerful voice in society.

The purpose of this content is to promote Leeuwarden- Fryslân,  the European Cultural Capital Leeuwarden- Fryslân 2018, and tell stories about all kinds of innovations, initiative, and cultural activities in Fryslân, the people behind it, what the Frisian villages have to offer and how to show the multifaceted nature of the “lepen mienskip” (open community).

What can we offer?
Even after Leeuwarden- Fryslân 2018, the creation of content will remain. We wish to offer our participant’s support, in which we hope to contribute to the personal development of each individual editor. By providing professional feedback, we think the editors can develop their skills in storytelling. How do you convey a story? How can you trigger the interest of the readers and viewers?  These are all important facets that are taught in a professional and accessible way.

YourPost brings these stories to the people. Some dedicated team members and editors distribute the different content locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. The main objective is to show the power and beauty of the province and its inhabitants to the widest audience possible. Published content also serves as a reward for the editors efforts. Their articles are very worth considering and reading.

Functioning within a diverse team – both in age and area of interest –, being entrepreneurial and developing networking skills are educational experiences that will also bring about personal development for all involved. The different backgrounds are especially interesting in this context. Your ambitions to create something unique and love for storytelling is the key to success. YourPost offers participants the opportunity to prove their skills and enhance their experience.

Join us!
In order to reach as many people as possible, participants can create content in the language they like. If you like to create stories or content and want to show it to the world, then this is your chance! Visit YourPost.frl or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, for an overview of our various achievements. If you have a passion for journalism and want to join us contact  radbouddroog@2018.nl

Interested in joining an editorial meeting?

Join us every Wednesday morning at 9:30, at the Kanselarij in Leeuwarden. If you are a first timer, you are welcome to join an introduction round for new participants and other interested parties at 9:00 already.


Among others with contributions of (in alphabetic order):
Aleks Ormati, Alexandra van Slooten, Alicia de la Casa, Alisa Jefimova, Andries Heida, Annemarieke Visser, Arina Hofstra, Arianna Grundke, Bas Klaassen,  Bilyana Nedkova, Bram van Gerenstein, Cornelis Wiersma, David Slot, Debora Dimitrova, Deveny Artendes, Edward Kobus, Eimantas Zemaitis, Emma Magré, Eric Blomqvist, Eva Sikosek, Eva Speijk, Eva Vellum, Evren Baba, Fardau Reijenga, Frans-Friso de Winter, Gerard Dantuma, Gerlof de Boer, Gerson Sprong, Hannah Verbeek, Hans van Linschoten, Hielke de Groot, Huron Liu, Jantsje Walstra, Jeffrey Meijer, Jelte Rijpkema, Joël Werle, Joël Wierth, Johan de Vries, Johan Vellinga, Johan Cupido, Jort Klarenbeek, Kevin Ouwehand, Kirsten van der Pol, Kristel van der Veen, Kristina Bogoeva, Ksenia Padaliakina, Laura Apostol, Lena Lötzer, Ligia Mihai, Lisanne de Zee, Louise Smit, Maaike Jonker, Maria Fernández, Marijke Schuilenburg, Marius Hoornweg, Marius van Rij, Maxi Melchers, Mila de Smet, Monika Rojute, Nicole Boelens, Olav Spin, Paulien Stapel, Pinar Levent, Raimondo de Vries, Reitse Put, Rianne Romijn, Richard van Beek, Richard Tjalsma, Robin Lageman, Robbin Oort, Rowan ten Brink, Sanzhar Toxanbayev, Sharon Cornelissen, Sjoerd Zwaan, Stephen Krans, Sven de Jager, Tamara Bakker, Tim Tijink, Timo Hendricks, Yudi Hoekstra,…


Core Team of YourPost:

Aukje Mulder, Chief Editor

Bram Kruijt, Knowledge2018

Johannes Keekstra, Communication Province of Fryslân

Piet Prins, Chief Editor

Radboud Droog, Communication Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018

Siebe Annema, NDC media group

Wyb de Boer, Media & Entertainment Management, Stenden Hogeschool, Knowledge2018